Our aim to build partner relations with our MBA students means that the WSB Universities place a lot of emphasis on the organizational aspect. The students’ work-life balance is very much in focus – a challenge and a priority for each of the WSB Universities. This is why classes are held at weekends, sessions are scheduled once in a month, and student assessment is aligned with the modular curriculum structure.

Course structure

  • the MBA program takes 2 years to complete
  • the curriculum is broken down into modules/concentrations
  • sessions/meetings are held at weekends, once in a month on average (but not more than twice in a month), each carrying a workload of 8 class hours per day

Language of instruction
Polish programs are taught entirely in Polish and follow a curriculum developed by the WSB Universities and approved by Franklin University or the University of Northampton.

For international programs:

Preference is given to interactive forms of instruction, such as:

  • case studies
  • group work and discussions
  • project work
  • simulations and presentations

Students’ active participation is a central component of the curriculum – they are encouraged to engage in learning and experience sharing, and to relate academic knowledge to their business experience.

Course materials
Prior to each session/meeting, the participants are provided with a complete package of course materials including e.g.:

  • an instructor-supplied digest
  • examples and exercises for self-study
  • case studies
  • readings in theory 
  • legal acts
  • a course description presenting essential information such as, in particular, assessment criteria

Students can also use the WSB library and reading rooms as well as its virtual learning platform (Moodle) and, most importantly, the Internet-based student portal called Extranet.

In addition, FUMBA students (Wroclaw) can log into Franklin University’s myFranklin portal to access e.g. their current course information, online textbooks, an e-library, and their academic schedule. Last but not least, the portal enables students to keep in touch with US-based faculty.

Comfortable facilities

  •          classes are held on-campus (WSB premises) or in rented space (hotels and office blocks)
  •          all classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia technology providing for effective and enjoyable learning experience
  •          the participants can use their personal computers in class and take full advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity
  •          support from the cohort manager and the MBA Program Office staff is available at all times
  •          commuters are offered hotel rooms at discounted rates in the closest vicinity

Assessment policy

  •          attendance is required
  •          each module/concentration is concluded with a final written assignment and/or an examination
  •          completion of a 2-year MBA program is based on attendance at 80% of scheduled classes, credits obtained for all component modules, and a positive assessment of the final thesis and degree examination

WSB Universities – leaders among MBA program providers in Poland*. Superior quality of instruction is assured by 21-years’ experience in the delivery of MBA programs, international academic partnerships with universities from 3 countries, and seasoned faculty with rich, hands-on business experience. This high standard is acknowledged by students and alumni: according to the 2020 Brand Attributes Survey, an impressive 93,2% our MBA alumni have recommended WSB studies to others.

* in quantitative terms



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