MBA program participants represent diverse business sectors and communities. Presidents, CEOs and line managers come to study together, each bringing some unique experience, tips to share, and valuable business contacts. Just as much as a formal education course, an MBA program is therefore an excellent networking platform that enables students to learn from one another, sharing insights and experiences.

Program participants are professionals seeking to upgrade their management education and develop skills.

The revised curriculums enables students to substantially enhance their managerial skills under the guidance of expert teachers and trainers, explore global business trends, and find inspirations among those with hands-on experience. 


Source: own research

WSB Universities – leaders among MBA program providers in Poland*. Superior quality of instruction is assured by 21-years’ experience in the delivery of MBA programs, international academic partnerships with universities from 3 countries, and seasoned faculty with rich, hands-on business experience. This high standard is acknowledged by students and alumni: according to the 2020 Brand Attributes Survey, an impressive 93,2% our MBA alumni have recommended WSB studies to others.

* in quantitative terms



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