Connecting with local businesses

The WSB Universities seek close cooperative links with industry and the business community. Under partnership or patronage agreements, companies contribute to curriculum development and share their expertise in the classroom. This collaboration accounts for WSB students’ opportunity to gain hands-on experience directly from representatives of business organizations from across the country. 

Membership in prestigious business associations:

  • The Business Partnership Program

The strengthening of ties between industry and academia have made it possible for the WSB Universities to provide education combining academic theory with field-specific expertise. In line with this approach, the Universities have invited a number of major business organizations to give their patronage to some of their higher education programs. As a result, some classes are led by experienced practitioners, and the curricula better address job market requirements. This hybrid perspective on the instruction process has proven highly effective and practical, which is clearly reflected in learning outcomes. 

  • Curricula aligned with job market requirements

At the WSB Universities, curricula are designed in collaboration with business practitioners. The ever changing job market puts a demand on course designers to continually review and update course contents, tailoring these to the requirements of the workplace. Our approach to curriculum development ensures that educational content is up to date at all times, and that WSB students are learning exactly what employers expect them to know. 

  • Internships and work placements

It is through their active participation in local business communities that the WSB Universities have been able to build its extensive network of business partnerships. This translates into internship and work placement opportunities for our students that can make a real difference when seeking employment. It should be noted, too, that most of our students find jobs prior to graduation. 

  • Job fairs

The WSB Universities creates space for direct contact between students and employers. It our belief that any such experience can increase students’ confidence in subsequent interactions and hence raise their chances of successful job seeking. And conversely, employers are able to find out about and come to understand their prospective employees’ needs. 

International partners for MBA programs

WSB MBA programs are delivered in collaboration with the following international partners:

  • SBS Swiss Business School – Executive Master of Business Administration program (WSB University in Poznan)
  • Franklin University – Franklin University Master of Business Administration program (WSB University in Wroclaw) and the Polish-language MBA programs running in Poznan, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Wrocław, Warszawa, Szczecin, and Chorzow
  • The University of Northampton – Master of Business Administration program (WSB University in Gdansk).


WSB Universities – leaders among MBA program providers in Poland*. Superior quality of instruction is assured by 21-years’ experience in the delivery of MBA programs, international academic partnerships with universities from 3 countries, and seasoned faculty with rich, hands-on business experience. This high standard is acknowledged by students and alumni: according to the 2020 Brand Attributes Survey, an impressive 93,2% our MBA alumni have recommended WSB studies to others.

* in quantitative terms



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