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Our students will meet you on the EMBA classes at WSB University in Poznań. Please tell us more about the course.

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the wonderful and exciting world of new venture creation. In addition, new venture creation approached the right way can bring new value to customers and thus the firm. 

Thus, in this hands-on course, students will learn how to concisely articulate for example: what their business is all about, what segments they will serve, how they will create value for customers, why customers should even care? how they will get traction in the marketplace, achieve scale, and ultimately that will provide a risk adjusted return for investors.

How do the classes look like?

This course will provide a methodology as well as a set frameworks, models, tools, and techniques that will help students to structurally analyze, vet and commercialize their business ideas. Further, students will develop the essential parts of a business model in which they will strategize, discuss, test, receive feedback and pivot their business models as appropriate with the objective to design a workable and fundable business. This hands-on course teaches a rigorous framework as well as provides a valuable experience to students so that they, upon completion, can be more successful in starting their own ventures.


Dan Ravick Fiala, SBS Swiss Business School - an experienced business professional well-versed in developing international marketing strategies and business channels that drive growth and improve competitive positioning. He is experienced in creating the “go-to market” strategy to launch and implement new products and solutions. He also provides training and consulting in the areas of marketing strategy, business model innovation and sales strategy for innovation focused startup firms. He is teaches Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Pricing and Entrepreneurship. 

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